Thursday, November 29, 2007

What Part of No Plastic Don't you Get?

In a bid to reduce our carbon footprint, save the polar bears, earn good karma points etc. we try to forego plastic bags as much as possible. This usually means the moment the cashier starts checking out our groceries, one of us starts yelling " no plastic, no plastic" at the bag boy to stop him from swaddling our vegetables in swathes of plastic. Usually they stop, look around with a stunned expression and then randomly start packing things into our big bag. And on most occassions they just stop and we pack our groceries ourselves.

Last night we had the misfortune of meeting a bagger from hell at our grocery store and did that fellow have a vendetta or what? For starters, he was quick (I guess, a good skill for bagger to possess) and he would not let me pack my groceries (not to good for customer service, wouldn't you say?). He then proceeded to squash the zuchini with cans of coconut milk, puree the ripe papaya by smacking a pound of onions on top and juice half the oranges. And then when we ran out of space( thanks to his inept bagging skills) he generously gave each remaining pea pod its own plastic bag...well, almost!!

Urgh!!...I am still recovering from that brash attack on my food and my carbon footprint.

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