Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sweet Potato Thingy

Or How to Get Back in Touch with Your Bangali Roots....

Boil two largish sweet potatoes till they turn soft. Remove the skins and mash them up with the following:
~a generous dollop of kasundi/whole grain mustard
~a good squeeze of lemon juice
~the finely diced skin (only!) of one serrano pepper
~a fistful of minced cilantro
~ a few drops of mustard oil

In a fit of misplaced enthusiasm I had roasted a few sweet potatoes for an office party. Something about the unpalatable orange blob that emerged from this misadventure aroused the dormant Bangal within and then that Bangal rustled up this variation of the more traditional pumpkin mash*.

*Boiled pumpkin mashed with green chillies, mustard oil and freshly grated coconut

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