Monday, November 26, 2007

The Essential Thanksgiving Post - Part II

Wednesday: It was raining heavily as our little plane rattled along the runway at Midway and came to a jarring stop. The Boy and I were on time, A and T were on the highway (and would stay there for quite some time), M was on the train and the other A and his vegetarian meat loaf were yet to board their flight. Later on as the group sat around and chatted, S and I got a head start on the feast - the quinoa and green beans were cooked and the stuffing was prepped for the oven by the time the guest bed had been rolled out.

Thursday: Waking up late was a luxury only the well prepared can afford. Melinda the turkey was trussed and in the oven by 12:00 pm. A little later a pile of potatoes and the stuffing joined her while the peas and carrots got a subtle dressing from A. By four Melinda was out of the oven and resting, the table was set and we were growing hungrier by every passing minute. Luckily the guests arrived soon, along with the outsourced desserts (three dainty pies courtesy Don) and we could finally eat...yay!! After many a R&T and go-ask-at-the-bar* later the tryptophan finally kicked in.

Friday: No Black Friday sales for this lot. Chak De! India left the men on both sides of the great divide equally smitten. There is some historical evidence to suggests that some men are more susceptible to the charms of cute-sy women (not girls!!) with short hair than others. After a day of gluttony nothing tastes better than good ole' dal and sabji. After nearly two days on the 45th floor, we finally descend for dinner (good Thai food), dessert (at Roy's...the raspberry wine was excellent) and a heated debate on the need for a peer review process in the world of art.

Saturday: Random shopping, chocolate fondue, two bao's, dinner at Marigold (is medium rare the same as well cooked?), a lost earring (my favourite pair) and 30 plays (TMLMTBGB) later it was time to go home and pack.

Sunday: A left early in the day and was waiting for his train to transform into a bus somewhere in the Midwest when we finally woke up. An old friend and her fiancé dropped by and were treated to this, which by consensus is the definitive Thanksgiving 2007 movie/movie clip. The last remaining turkey morsels (two ziploc bags full) were dispatched off with the fiancé. B-bye turkey** and b-bye Chicago.

Monday: Back to work.Yuck!!!

*followed by a dismissive flick of the wrist
** hopefully for good and hello there, little lamb

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Abhishek said...

Medium rare is NOT well-cooked.
My bad :(