Monday, November 19, 2007

The Essential Thanksgiving Post - Part I

This year the group is congregating in Chicago and staying put in the windy city, unlike last year. So far, individual and group itineraries have been discussed, the menu decided, the turkey versus chicken debate settled (the turkey won by a narrow margin, even though a member of the food committee valiantly lobbied for the humble goose) and shopping lists drawn up. However, the niggling issue of the Thanksgiving movie still needs to be pondered.

PS: And in the spirit of keeping fair records, here's the tentative menu:

Vegetarian meat loaf
Sage Gravy

Outsourced to invited guests


Abhishek said...

Am really looking forward to this trip now!
BTW the 'outsourced' dessert may very well be the only instance of a Desi outsourcing to America :P
I guess the Revolution is around the corner now!

Anyesha said...

henh henh henh!!