Friday, October 05, 2007

General Update Type Post

  • Rome is over*. I, Claudius was supposed to alleviate the pain but failed miserably. It might have been highly acclaimed in its time (circa 1976) but in comparison to Rome, it looks downright cheesy. There are no extra features either! Bah! Now how are we to get our fix of Roman life?
  • Bad things happen to idiots who ask their bosses for more work. Really, really bad things like a drastic reduction in time spent online and blogging.
  • N and I went off to get married, leaving us with a vat of N's famous mango kulfi. In the midst of all the last minute chaos all of us did manage to go out for an excellent meal to Indique Heights. And now N and I are Indique converts too...yay!!!
  • Talking about converts, the sister is the latest Ikea convert. And she has taken it upon herself to spread the good word among the other graduate students in Mormon country.
  • On the food front, I have been obsessed with all things achaari. I love the formula. Will post it sometime soon.
  • In the Valley of Elah made last evening's trek to the theatre worth it. Its been ages since we went in to watch something as the pickings have been rather slim for a while. Tommy Lee Jones tries to figure out how his soldier son returns safely from war only to land up butchered outside his own base. In the two hours that follow, a father must confront the monster that his son had become and his own inner demons. If this is an anti war movie then perhaps we are not seeing enough of its kind. Perhaps we need to look beyond our daily dose of grisly stock footage of wounded Iraqis and American troops in Humvees to realise the true cost of this war....and if it takes a Hollywod movie to shock us out of our stupor then so be it.

* Since we are a cable free household we watch the HBO shows on DVD thanks to Netflix.

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