Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good Advice

The following is an excerpt from a chat I had with a friend yesterday

me: biyer prep kemon cholche?*
him: hahahahahaha
him: Cholche...
him: Me running across 3 cities a week and getting things done...
me: has any party involved driven the other or even come remotely close to driving the other NUTS!!!
me: If yes...then things are PERFECT
me: If not work on it!
him: Wow!
him: Its strange that you say so....
him: That is exactly what is happening!

and with this I am now the official dispenser of sagacious advice/tissue/a free shoulder for those caught up in the raging whirlwinds of a Great Indian Wedding. Sitting through one wedding and babysitting a few others in the last year supplies the necessary street cred, incase you were wondering.

* how are the wedding prepartions coming along?
** changed the title because the previous one was rather seedy


Joy Forever said...

Nice one... showed it to my cousin. Actually asked him whether it was him you had been talking to! :)

Anyesha said...

joy forever: just proves how apt my advice is!!!! Makes me feel rather smug.

The Pilgrim said...

This is funny.

Infact my friend is certifiable by now. O'r biye 2 mash pore and the man is all worked up and daily he comes home to ask for some advice or amkes me go to the old hangout place at prince cafe to soothe his nerves with some sheesha