Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Taipei Tales-Part Five

The Boy and his boss had to deliver a talk at the National Taiwan University (NTU) campus on Monday morning. After the talk and a bento box lunch of rice and chicken (I always get back to the food, don't I?) we took the MRT to Danshui. We wanted to check out the Old Dutch Fort before we left. Unfortunately the weather had taken a nasty turn and the high heat and humidity made walking unbeareable. We stopped by a Dunkin Donuts for a sugar surge. The hami lime donut shell that the Boy bought for me was refreshingly light and low on sugar...why doesn't dunkin Donuts make stuff like this here?
~ At Dunkin Donuts in Danshui

The fort dissapointed us once more. All tourist-y places in Taiwan are closed on Monday. Gah! Minus one to Lonely Planet for failing to mention this. However it happened to be the last day of the Taiwanese ghost festival and people were out on the streets and sidewalks burning shost money.

~Ghost money burning by the sidewalk
~Grilled squid by the waterfront, Danshui
Later on we had dinner with faculty from the entomology department of NTU. This was a Shanghai style twelve course dinner of fish, more fish and some more fish. We did get to try stinky tofu though and yes, it lives up to its name and stinks to high heaven. We parted with the dinner group and walked around the fashionable Dan district, had dessert at a Starbucks- the aimless wandering of tourists on their last night in a far away city that they might not visit again.
~The dinner group
Yet our last night in Taipei turned out to be memorable for a totally different reason. The night before I left for Taipei, I chanced upon a blog written by an American, currently living in Taipei. I read a couple of his posts and picked up some helpful stuff along the way. As we reluctantly made our way back to the hotel on the MRT I notice this American guy with an IPOD. He seems familiar and wonder of wonders- it's David the blogger. He was pretty amazed that I recognized him from his blog and I was awestruck by the probability of actually bumping into him.


Manjula said...

Annesha (spelling?), check out David's blog, he mentions you guys!


David said...

hey anyesha!

thanks for mentioning our encounter on your blog. i am enjoying reading about your adventures.

i will put up a link to your blog on my site.

thanks again and have fun,

Joy Forever said...

As I always say, the world is a very small place. I was really stunned when I saw Subhamoyda's photo in my cousin's holiday album... but strange coincidences do happen! I'm sure someday I'll meet you too, in person.
By the way, did you learn any Taiwanese recipes? (I mean, of course you did, but are you going to teach us?)

Anyesha said...

manjula: I did check David's blog

david: Thanks to you too. I put in a link to your blog too.

Joy forver: I did pick up several different ways to cook bitter melon/karela..atleast I think I did. I intend to try them out soon enough because we both enjoy bitter melon. Not sure though if you would feel the same way about bitter melon..not many people do.

Joy Forever said...

Oh! I simply love bitter melon! In my childhood I'd often hide a piece of "uchchhe bhaja" while I washed my mouth after lunch, and then I'd suck on it while I went to sleep. My mother tells me I'd often fall asleep with the thing in my mouth. I also love "neem-begun", "shukto" and almost all bitter preparations.
It was a shock for me though, the day when I learnt cooking karela from my mother via e-mail and enthusiastically bought some and cooked it. None of my flatmates ate it and I had to eat the whole thing. A full plate of rice with Karela side dish.