Monday, August 06, 2007

One Line Movie Reviews

I have not done this in a long time. Like everything else on this space, the purpose of this exercise is merely to provide me with some amusement. If you are looking for information or better reviews follow the links:

The Departed: Slickly made movie about a bunch of men being men and shooting each other....too much testosterone.
Blood Diamond: The stupid but good looking love child of The Constant Gardner and Hotel Rwanda.
The Prestige:
A better psycho thriller than The Illusionist but lacks the romance of the latter.
The Bourne Ultimatum: I could do this in one word – Rocks!
Mississippi Masala: An older Mira Nair movie about race relations and prejudice or the BMW principle as a friend recently explained.
Kabul Express: An Idiot's Guide to Modern Day Afghanistan as explained by two morons in leather jackets, a lady with ample assets and half a dozen silly extras.
Charlotte's Web: Explains the concept of death to piglets and little girls, most of whom (the girls not the piglets) one hopes are not half as annoying as the young Miss Fanning.
The Painted Veil: A beautiful (and I mean gorgeous) adaptation of Somerset Maugham's story of love in a marriage from a long time ago.
Dreamgirls: Too much of a good thing, like Beyonce's pretty eyelashes going up and down for 120 minutes can be plain boring.
Corpse Bride: Cute animation movie about not so cute things like death, ghosts, skeletons etc.
Four Brothers: A movie about four brothers avenging their dead foster mother in a tough Detroit neighborhood could have been much worse than this.
Letters from Iwo Jima: The view from the trenches...literally.

And now I have to stop and get back to my other life - the one in which I am not prowling around imdb, updating my Netflix queue or thinking up one line movie reviews.


Bharath Hemachandran said...

Oh come on Blood Diamond was really good! I generally don't like watching very serious movies, but this one was a great watch.

Spot on with the others... although I haven't watched Kabul Express.

Anyesha said...
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Anyesha said...

bharath hemachandran: Ummm... I beg to differ. Blood Diamond had its heart in the right place, but then along came Hollywood and twisted it out of shape. I mean, what's with Leo dying in the end. In the Constant Garnder Ralph Fiennes dying in the end made sense...not here.