Tuesday, August 14, 2007

If you listen to NPR you would know that their regular programming is usually a string of talk shows and interviews where a bunch of smart, intelligent folks sit around and discuss something smart and intelligent or where a smart, intelligent person gets interviewed by another smart, intelligent person like say Koji Nnamdi about his/her views on something usually smart and intelligent*. Uninterrupted by advertisements for reconstructive dental surgery this is totally my kind of radio.

However off late, a certain kind of interviewee has started to annoy me... the one's who never know when to stop and insist on going on and on about whatever it is that they have been asked to explian, until the host cuts them off. It is painful to hear the host try to chime in, timidly at first and then almost frantically as the minutes tick by and the honorable US senator/Finance Minister of Nigeria/Mayor Joe Watzisname continue to make love to the mike. Finally the chop comes in the form " and that's all we have time for today".....cut to music. I would be mortified if this happened to me.

* and with that I have officially used up my quota of the words "smart" and "intelligent"...for today


The Pilgrim said...

Over the weekends, they do have standup comedy in the mornings and symphonies in the evenings and nights!

Anyesha said...

the pilgrim: I listen to NPR mostly during my work hours while I am driving around...so by the end of the day I don't usually want to have anything to do with the radio, except on Saturdays at 2:00 pm when the local Public radio channel broadcasts "The Splendid Table".