Sunday, July 08, 2007


After nearly two and a half hours of non stop action, this is what I got:
1. Huge robot like creatures from outer space love big American cars or put another way no self respecting autobot would transform into a Corolla or Prius. Since that other planet exploded way back when, these guys probably never heard of global warming.
2. Nokia cellphones when zapped with the enormous power of THE CUBE (don't ask me to explain that) turn into these spindly, stupid yelping robots. Now that is some seriously aweful product placement, if you ask me.
3. A beat up old Camaro with one seat belt can make a young man utter corny, nausea inducing goobledygook to his future girlfriend. Once again, not a great product placement idea. Or may it is and I am just way too old for such stuff now.

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