Thursday, July 19, 2007

Summer Fruit

and some leaves. Here's what I picked from my container garden the other day:
The cukes have been rather erratic, some turn out completely bitter while others have itty-bitty, bitter parts. Then there are the occassional normal ones too, though, most of them do not tend to be as mishapen as this specimen. The tomatoes have just about started ripening while the basil and cilantro are on their way out. The okra plant turned out quite a dud...most of the fruit is really tough or maybe I should just pluck them earlier.

As I said earlier, mine is no victory garden. While its fun to grow something from scratch -waiting for the seeds to sprout into seedlings while patiently keeping up the watering ritual; on a rainy evening like today the vision of a red tomato on a green plant just makes me very, very happy. It also provides the perfect reason to sit out and enjoy a cup of Darjeeling.

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