Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Story So Far

The sister has finally arrived, with loads of stories (runway crash, disabled plane, cancelled flights... the works) and all of her luggage- a minor miracle considering the fact that she travelled on British Airways. The barbeque that was to be the young lady's introduction to society had to be held without her.

By the end of this week, the Boy will be off to collect flies (read conduct field research) in some remote Thai village and then onto Taiwan for a conference. The young lady will be leaving soon after for Salt Lake City to pursue a life which will probably resemble the lives of one these guys. And yours truly will proceed to work, work out, baby sit a couple of kids, host a post-doc and his lovely wife for two days, hang out with friends and then on August 22nd fly out to join the Boy in Taipei for six days. Should be fun.


blinkeredgreen said...

you forgot "play carrom".. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

how nice to have sisi