Sunday, July 01, 2007


A, fellow foodie and civil engineer (of sorts!) suggested that we should watch Ratatouille and then blog about it. Since we value our friendships greatly and the advice doled out by friends even more we promptly went to the nearest theatre and watched it. But before that we stopped by La Madeliene for some portobello poulet crepes and a slice of Sacher torte which if you must know, was just perfect. So without much ado here's our two cents worth about the movie.

Remy, an epicurean rodent rises above his humble beginings to become the best chef in Pae-ree( Paris) with a little help from his imaginary friend, the legendary Chef Gusteau whose benevolent largese floats around him in times of need. If the presence of Chef Gusteau's spirit is almost Food Network-esque ("Anyone can cook" is his mantra), then the evil sous chef Skinner will remind you of Macdonald's and frozen foods and everything that is wrong with our food chain. Clever, clever, clever.

Then there is the food, the luscious, animated food which is so beautifully crafted, begining with the lightning melded piece of mushroom and cheese (a singed souffle anyone?) to the signature deconstructed rataouille that Remy dishes up for the too-thin-for-comfort food critic, Ego voiced by Peter O'Toole. And somewhere in the course of this two hour animated love song to Paris and its gustatory delights you will meet the clumsy Linguini who despite his genes cannot tell a bearnaise from a hollandaise, the ambitious Collete who can and a host of other humans and rodents - each with their own quirks, personalities and in case of the vermin, their own kind of fur. Just like ratatouille - a Provencal peasant soup with guts and character and a little bit of this and little bit of that.


Anonymous said...

Fellow foodie and civil engineer (Hey whatdyamean 'sort of'????!!!) says 'merci' for that nice write-up!
P.S. We plan to watch it this weekend...missed the show last Friday

Bidi-K said...

am longing to see this movie for quite a long time, have heard so much about it even before the release! and this is by the same animator, do check this out.

Anyesha said...

A: we will have to discuss the "sort of civil engineer" comment with the other "sort of civil engineer" in the group, the other A.

bidi-k: that's so cute and so terribly French.

Anonymous said...

Didn't realize we actually have three 'A's that are 'sort of' (arguably) civil engineers in the group! :P
Aside: We watched the movie this Sunday and loved fav moment is (spoiler alert!) when the snob - Ego - has the eponymous dish and is taken back to memories of his mom's dinner-table. That one moment sums up so beautifully what food means to us foodies! :D