Monday, July 02, 2007

Quick Updates

The in-laws are in Moscow and they are in the process of settling in. The long periods of daylight are quite nerve wracking it seems and so is the price of potatoes. Isn't that like a staple of the Russian diet?

The annual Smithsonian Folk Life Festival is underway at the National Mall. Go check out the sight, sounds and tastes of Ireland and the Mekong Delta. The sheep herding demonstration is fun. Avoid the food stall that is selling Vietanamese food (the green papaya salad drill), they were out of almost everything when we visited. The tamarind juice at the beverage counter (courtesy our favourite Indian restaurant) is refreshing.

A couple of days back the Boy and I realised how thanks to blogging we now refer to friends and accquaintances by their blogger id's. It's not like we don't know there real names. So the celebrity blogger who happens to be a neighbour is the Greatbong and not Arnab. The same holds true for her and her. And I have started thinking of this gentleman as the wandering dervish. Ouch!!

Thanks to a colleague we dicovered a great Greek restaurant in out-of-the-way Spencerville, MD. Located in a tiny strip mall, about a mile south of the intersection of New Hamspire Avenue and Norbeck Road the Greek Islands Cafe serves up authentic spreads, gyro's and much more. I will be updating the restaurant page with more details later this week.

Dulce De Leche is the flavor of the month, served with a scoop of icecream drizzled with amaretto.


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