Saturday, June 16, 2007

Of Cats and Dogs

Being a grown up is no fun. One has to ponder all these important life questions like if and when we have a place of our home should we get a cat or a dog? One wrong decision could send our quality of life swirling down the nearest gutter, so one has to weigh the pros and cons adults. Close examination of other people's pets have led us to believe that cats are aloof, insensitive, self obsessed fur balls while dogs exist solely to please humans and are a wee bit smarter (me thinks). Lets see...cats zero, doggies one.

Then there is the question of time. Cats don't make undue demands on your time. They are perfectly content with staying home and being lazy. They value the concept of personal space and most importantly their idea of personal hygiene begins and ends with a litter box. Dogs on the other hand require some quality time in the woods with their owner, where they spend an inordinate amount of time sniffing for the right tree, pole, twig etc. while a loving owner looks on haplessly, plastic baggie in hand. For lazy people like us, this is what seals the deal in favor of cats. So even though the Boy and I do not know whether we would like a townhouse or a condo, whether we want to live in the 'burbs or in the City, whether we want two bedrooms or three...we know for sure we will probably get a cat at some time. May be even two so that they may keep each other company.

Talking about dogs, the lake turns into a dog lover's paradise every evening as dogs and their owners come over to enjoy a wee bit of nature together. There are the big dogs who are just plain bored, the small pshycotic ones who insist on barking at the big ones, old ones who just want to be left along and the obese ones who (along with their owners) could do with some dieting help. Then there are the owners.

The athletic, burly man who insists on running around the lake three times will usually insist that his pocket sized dog do the same. Why, oh! why must those teeny legs endure such hardship? Those Paris Hiltonesque dogs are usually so conflicted about their indentity (who am I, where did I come from, was my mom a giant field rat..perchance?) and their egos have been so terribly browbeaten to fit into their shrunken bodies that they will actually surrender to their owners whim without a whimper (whim without a whimper...ha! sheer poetry).

The self obsessed owners of mid sized dogs (think labs, retrievers and german shepherds) on the other hand forget that their dog is a dog with basic, doggie needs. They refuse to let their dogs sniff a tree and mark his territory. The poor dogs usually protest a little and give up. It's no fun straining at the lease when your owner is busy discussing the Platos' Republic with his friend...that insensitive humanoid!! But I believe, this kind of dog derives immense pleasure from the fact that his owner will ultimately have to pick up after him.

And then, finally there is that occasional owner of a St. Bernard who has to oblige when his pet pooch lets out a low growl and stops in his tracks to smell the flowers. It's no fun trying to pull 200 pounds of recalcitrant, canine bulk either. He walks tall and proud and fixes the midgets in their place with a blood chiling stare. He runs when he feels the need for exercise and for once the owner has to run after him, whether they feel like some exercise or not. Thank God!! there is some justice left in this crazy after all....makes me very happy.

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