Monday, June 18, 2007

Me No English

If like me, your blood pressure starts rising when people around you pepper their inane conversations with a lot many stock phrases like "let's think out of the box" or "let's get our ducks in a row" then read this. Incidentally, that last phrase about the ducks never fails to elicit a chuckle as I imagine the speaker meticulously arranging yellow bathtub duckies in his bath tub! What exactly is a sustainable competitive advantage anyways, certainly not rocket science I hope. On the other hand, when Woody Allen describes Diane Keaton in Annie Hall as being polymorphously perverse its a whole lot of fun.

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Joy Forever said...

That article was hilarious. I myself tried to do something similar here a long time ago. I had just joined the industry and this jargon seemed funny then.

Today I know more of this stuff and I can write a better post than that if I want. However, it has stopped being funny and is just plain irritating now.