Friday, June 08, 2007

A long time ago in an innocent and uncomplicated world, I associated songs with people. Certain songs reminded you of certain was that simple. The songs of shared sunsets, of rains descending on a city scurrying down below and of late night chats- all of them came back to people. I still do to a certain extent but it's a vestige of the past.

As life moved on - crazy, convoluted and entangled in all kinds of knots, music suffered. Now it is just simpler to associate songs with long drives. Sobha Mudgal's Ab Ke Sawan will always be the North Carolina song just as A R Rehman's Lagaan soundtrack conjures up bleak images of the New Jersey Turnpike inspite of its haunting melody.

And after today, Mora Saiyaan will always play out across an inky blue canvas of looming storm clouds and distant lighting shrouded with a thin veil of mist. Loneliness never sounded so theatrically beautiful before.


Anonymous said...
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girini said...

err, who is Shoba Mudgal?

Joy Forever said...

Just like the Dil to Pagal Hai soundtrack will always remind me of the mountain bus tour in Nainital, and the Sound of Music soundtrack reminds me of our childhood joint family get-togethers.
Strange, how music attaches itself to our memories and refuses to let go.