Monday, June 18, 2007

Life's Little Lessons

Over the last ten days, I have managed to subsist on the following:

1. Two packets of pre packaged salad
2. A pint of blueberries for coloring my cereal purple
3. A quart of strawberries, eaten raw
4. That infamous quart of goat milk which still stares me in the face everytime I open the fridge door
5. A quart of whole milk for my coffee, of which I have drunk copius amounts
6. Whole grain bread
7. One head of broccoli that was steamed and consumed
8. Plain yogurt
9. Some bananas
10. Some cucumbers
11. One bitter melon that was also given the broccoli treatment
12. A vat of lentil soup
13. Chicken curry and rice

The Boy has been away for about a week now and here I am stuffing myself with salads. The only time that the pots and pans emerged from their hiding place under the counter was when I made items 12 and 13. The lentil soup was good on day one, even better on day two but by the fifth day I had its spinach-y goodness coming out of my ears. The chicken and rice were made for friends who dropped by. It was yummy and I intend to finish of the last remaining dregs of it today. I just feel terribly lazy to cook something for myself. Besides the two things I managed to cook landed up lasting forever. I take back all those lectures about the wonders of homecooking that I have delivered to my single friends in the past. I have reformed and the new me is perfectly at peace with eating cereal thrice a day (been there, done that...remember the blueberries, item no. 2 on the list) but not yet comfortable with TV dinners, mind you. I shall leave that for another time.


Joy Forever said...

Hmm... cooking for oneself is one of the most boring jobs imaginable. I have experienced it first hand (and still doing it). In a way my situation is even worse: I don't have a fridge, so I'm in a total "din aani din khaayi" condition. :-(
When is Subhamoy-da returning?

Anyesha said...

joy forever: Ouch! No do you survive? Subhamoy returns this Friday.