Monday, June 18, 2007

The Container Garden

Here are the pictures from my container garden. This may not be the victory garden, but it does add a whole lot of gren to our small balcony and makes us quite happy. So onto the introductions...these are baby okras. I never knew they grew upwards.
Our two pepper plants belong to the Boy. The habanero chile plant has been a little shy and refuses to make love to the bees and give us little habanero peppers. The jalapeno on the other hand has been quite shameless as you can see. Its time the Boy had a birds-and- bees talk with the habanero, atleast the part about the bees with the habanero.

This is the patio tomato...I have no clue what it will grow upto be. The vendor at the Takoma Park Farmers Market I bought it from said this variety is best grown in pots, so I came home and grew it in a pot.

And this is an Italian tomato I grew from the seeds of some rather generic super market tomatoes that we had consumed. Hopefully by the end of summer, we will know which one produces better tomatoes.The tenacious cucumber plant is literally growing wild. I have been playing my own version of musical chairs with it. I noticed a week back that it had its eyes (or rather its tendrils) on the leg of one of the balcony chairs. So every morning I would move the chair a wee bit away just to exasperate it. Today morning I noticed that it had outwitted me and wrapped one wispy tendril (yikes!! that almost makes it sound like the heroine of some Victorian romance) around the chair leg. Ah! well, I tried to get it cling to the balcony rails, but if it desires the chair leg then so be it. Who am I to rend asunder true love?
And here are the herbs - basil and cilantro. Growing my own cilantro has had an amazingly calming effect on me. I usually tend to butcher half a bunch for garnishing any Indian dish that I cook. But off late I have been just snipping a few leaves at a time from the plant...and very frankly I cannot tell the difference and neither can my dal.


Vidya said...

Oh my! Three posts in one day, and photos as well. Looks like you are bored without The Boy. It has started with a listing of your meals, can't wait for the post that would list all the TV programs you've been watching ;-)

I read your witty posts whenever you update them, just don't bother to comment on every one of them. Couldn't contain my happiness at your the sudden generosity with words, had to say something.

I rather enjoy the absence of My Boy, I can then eat cereal 4 times a day(ok, I'm a glutton) and watch movies that make me cry.

Anyesha said...

vidya: Won't say I am bored, I just have more time on hand. And sorry I cannot oblige with a list of TV programs as we don't have cable. Would a netflix movie list work???

Joy Forever said...

Oh my! Those are a lot of veggies! Pardon me for initially thinking your second tomato was an eggplant.