Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Between Goats and Movies

The Boy reached Kolkatta without his clothes...not exactly, more like without his luggage thanks to the ineptitude of British Airways but put that way it sounds funnier than it actually is. Clothes or no clothes, he atleast gets to eat mangoes while I just sit around and dream mango dreams.

In the meanwhile, I have kept myself busy. I have taken to drinking goat's milk and no, that's not the only thing keeping me busy. It tastes like liquid chèvre and I cannot decide whether its a good or bad. I quite like goat cheese rounds, especially with herbs but a runnier, less salty and fatty version of the same leaves me cold. Besides everytime I drink a glass of that stuff I have visions of Gandhiji looming large above my head...he was apparently smitten with it.

And in between drinking the occassional dram of goaty secretions I managed to watch "My Own Private Idaho". An idiosyncratic road trip movie about hustling on the streets of Portland, narcolepsy, friendship, love and a yearning for home with a Shakesperean touch of whimsy which tries to be all of the above but lands up being much greater than the sum of its parts.

While we are talking movies, let me make a little note about this so called chick-flick that we watched a few days back. "Music and Lyrics" has Hugh Grant do his self deprecating, twinkly eyed, ooh-so-English act yet over again. But this time over there is Drew Barrymore's ditzy plant girl *act to temper it down a notch. And with phrases like "Buddhism in a thong"** you cannot really go wrong. It made me laugh real hard.

* did not know that plant girl was a valid occupation in some parts of the world. It must be nice to have some one come and water your plants for you...your own personal plant person, kind of like Hansel's personal Sherpa in Zoolander.

**used to refer to a Britney-Shakira-Madonna type pop star in the movie.

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Buchu said...

hah. so u know what? i was on the same BA flight, and i saw this guy who looked a lot like subhamoy. remember i've only seen pictures of him on your blog. i thought it would mighty weird to go up and say hello, and besides it might not be him. so out of sheer awkwardness i desisted. i'm quite pleased to see that i was right!!