Monday, April 23, 2007

On Running Through Fountains

The Fountain in Silver Spring Downtown is back - healthy and spewing water like it used too. Hopefully unlike last year, it will continue to function throughout the summer months.

And this weekend yours truly ran through the fountain with an accquaintance (I kind of hijacked his dare) for a Cakelove treat. Now if you have never tasted a Cakelove crunchy feet or a cupcake, you would not understand. Lest you think it was just plain fun (which it was) I would like you to know that our little hop, skip, jump across the fountain involved a fair amount of plottting and planning (read: hard work). For starters we had to minimize the number of kids we knocked down while making sure we did not get a thorough drenching- quite an optimization problem, eh!! And then the fountain floor had to checked for friction, clothes checked for drench worthiness etc. Unfortunately there is no digital proof of us doing the deed...but that crunchy feet was the best I have ever had. There is something to be said about working hard for one's food.

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