Monday, April 30, 2007

The Kettle Konundrum

Readers of this blog might remember me complaining about the lack of a whistling kettle in my life. Thanks to this blog and my really nice in-laws the problem was fixed shortly after. Unfortunately the shiny little thing turned out to be a non-achiever of sorts in the whistling department. Forget whistling, it refused to even let out an occasional squeak. I tried all kinds of techniques. A half full kettle on low heat, a full kettle on high heat and various combinations thereof...but nope, not even a wee pip. Somewhere along the way I just gave up on the kettle. However off late, the kettle has taken to letting out a high pitched whine once the water starts boiling. Well, I never suspected a dearth of potential, but I have to admit that this late blossoming of talent has left me a little confounded.

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Dhoritri said...

As long as it works...amar pressure cooker oto awaj koreo kichu sheddho kore na !!!

Thanks for reading my blog ! Keu porle bhalo lage ..