Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Hate Olive Garden

Had a downright, disgusting meal at Olive Garden yesterday. My meal had precisely
  • three pieces (each being one square inch in size) of grilled chicken breast
  • five pieces of some sort of mushy-on-the-inside-but-toasty-on-the-outside potato thingie
  • half a zuchini quartered, sliced and then grilled to death
  • one sixth of a red pepper, charred beyond recognition

My old boots, boiled and served with a dash of salt and pepper would probably taste better . And this is not the most annoying part, I paid twenty dollars* for this measly, miserable meal. And believe you me, I was trying to make what I thought would be a good choice as all the other alternatives included some sort of meat cooked in a creamy sauce and plonked on to half the world's supply of pasta. Gah!! I hate Olive Garden and not just for its food. I hate the pathetically fake ambience, the insolent wait staff, the long waits even when there are empty tables, the over salted breadsticks, the generic bad wine.....bottomline I despise everything about Olive Garden and hopefully I will not have to endure one more, PC induced trip there anytime soon. And yes, free will (not even a wee bit of it) was not involved in my decision to visit this fake Italian monstrosity yesterday.

* ten dollars for the entree+insipid coffee+ tips


Ishan said...

After so many years... you still go to Olive Garden ?

Anyesha said...

Ah..ha...just in case I did not make myself clear. I did not go on my own, had to go there because everyone else in the group happened to think rather highly of the place!!

Joy Forever said...

We had an "Olive Garden" in Hyderabad as well, though I'm sure it wasn't related to the one you are speaking about in any way. We went there often and the food was good.

Anonymous said...

It blows! I work there. Worst food ever! Presentation can be nice, depending on the window person...but all of our sauces are based on three recipes that are terribly bad for you!!! There is one dish that is deemed heart-healthy and that is, at best, not prepared with the other sauces. It's a glorified McDonald's, guys! We get a recipe card and have to follow orders, else we are FIRED!! Please STOP EATING AT OLIVE GARDEN!!!!! IT is soooooooo bad for you!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well Olive Garden is really bad.
Alex Rodriguez the General Manager at the Carmel Valley Olive Garden fired one of his bartenders because he is gay!!

Multi-million dollar lawsuit in San Diego Superior Court has been filed against Olive Garden.

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dude said...

why are you making fun of her it's not cool at all what would happen if you got made fun of how would you feel really you need to learn your lesson!!!!!!!!!!!

dude said...