Monday, April 16, 2007

General Update Type Post

Belated Subho Nabo Barsho and Happy Vishu to the remaining 3.5 readers who still manage to come here. Since I don't really have anything mindblowingly spectacular to say (come to think of it, I never really do, do I?) here are a bunch of pictures that were taken in the last month and a half. This the baby of our pet cactus plant that had to be euthanised (read: put out to die a slow, horrible death in the balcony over winter) as he had grown way to unweildly for his pot. The baby, as you can see, is thriving well. That ladies and gentleman, is a green almond. It makes a nice snack when consumed raw, with a sprinkle of salt and pepper.
And here's my first oil painting...a Nicaraguan woman with a pot, executed in oil and crayon on canvas. She is currently providing company to the other lady in our living room. Look closely and you can just about see yours truly clicking the picture. Some spring flowers that were growing by a storm water drain...just to remind you that even though the temperature outside is in the 40's and the winds threaten to blow you over its actually mid April. Installation art made up of cuttlery and peppers at the Freer Gallery. We had gone there to watch The Story of The Weeping Camel - a Mongolian movie about a sad, photogenic Bactrian camel that finally wept...very touching.
The restaurant page has been updated to include Sabang, an Indonesian restaurant in Wheaton which was recommended by our friend blinkeredgreen - the economist who really knows her Rendang. The economically priced buffet was well executed with enough choices for the vegetarian as well as the carnivore. The fiery Rendang dissolved a few of my taste buds, but the deep fried, battered plantain helped regrow some of those taste buds back, so I am certainly not complaining.
So there, let's see...with five pictures, each of which is apparently equal to a thousand words and a few others thrown in for good measure, this should add up to atleast 5320 words, give or take a few. Not bad, eh!


M (tread softly upon) said...

Glad to see you're okay. Just hibernating, huh?
BTW loved your painting. keep going.

Joy Forever said...

Nice photos. Finally, you have written something!
I loved the painting and also the cactus. We have a lot of them (cacti) in our house.

Cacophoenix said...

Finally you are back. 'tis seems to be a season of hibernations. Love the painting, enjoyed the painting by the BIG guy more (Cactus and the almond);-)

Garfield said...

Nice painting...

Also, read the piece on "surnames". Remembered our ordeals... primarily at home. Good one. :)