Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A wimpy mixture of snow and sleet means we get to go home early. Yeah!! I could finally get to do all (or may be some of) the things I plan to do on weekends. I could read one of the many books I picked up from the library or I could start working on that art kit I bought ages ago. I could try baking something nice and have the apartment smelling of warm chocolate. I could get the better half to play a game of chess over some hot coffee or I could curl up on the couch and call up my friends for a long-ish chat. Then there is this blog, which like the contents of my wardrobe, could use some early spring cleaning and organizing. I could even have a go at the tax forms...nah! may be not. Choices...too many choices....never did anyone any good...I just wish I could make up my mind. Atleast I don't have a full laundry bag and an empty fridge to worry about like I do on most weekends.
Update: Did not do any of the above, instead we walked over to a neighbhour's place for tea (much appreciated) and adda. The 30 minute walk in near arctic conditions has probably left us with permanently damaged facial tissue...but it was fun. Also managed to spend the next day at home, snowed in.

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Joy Forever said...

Yet, back here in Kolkata, gloomy winter rain does not mean we can go home early. The rain is preventing the Book Fair being set up properly too. So it's boring indoor stay most of the time, in office and at home.