Monday, February 19, 2007


I am not a chocolate person, unlike the boy who is a chocolate fiend. I do not dream chocolate river dreams and I certainly don't reach for the frozen tub of chocolate when my spirits need some lifting up. I am not particularly fond of brownies and I can barely tolerate hot chocolate. Mocha is highly overrated, IMHO. I think chocolate and mint is a bad, bad combination and so is chocolate and peanut butter. I do however make exceptions, for this ( it's a childhood thing) and this (a recent discovery). I will eat chocolate icecream only when splashed generously with this or this. Ditto for that market variety chocolate cake that is so popular at parties. But after the events of yesterday I need to admit one more chocolate entity (without fruit or liquor garnishes/splashes...I am still coming to terms with that) into my life. Yesterday THIS THING
in all its and intensely chocolate-y denseness and glorified moistness happened to me. And here's the recipe from my favourite food blogger, just in case you are tempted.


Joy Forever said...

This looks like the good old badam-chakti that the push-cart wallahs sell at the fairs here.

Bidi-K said...

joy, but do look at the ingredients, dark chocolate, yummy!
anyesha, this seems divine, i am making it this weekend. i am a complete chocaholic in any case.

Anyesha said...

joy: yeah, it does indeed look like that!

bidi -k: please will warm the very cockles of your chocoholic heart. I used about 6 ounces of a Ghirardelli semi sweet bar that I got from Trader Joes and added a tablespoon of instant coffee for more bitterness.

Zoya said...

Hey Anyesha, thanks for dropping by. I DID hit the publish button while moderating your comment, but it has mysteriously vanished ! Oh well...the vagaries of software !

Anonymous said...

I had a arn't-blogs-wonderful-sometimes moment after reading your post! I was so intrigued by the different baking process that I made it last night. It did turn out wonderful and quite different than most chocolate cakes for sure.
Thanks for the post.

~Nayan~ said...

nice colourful blog
infact an appetizing blog

Deepak Jeswal said...

My fav- hot chocolate fudge. I have seen its price go from a modest Rs 18 to somewhere close to a hundred, at the Nirula's (in Delhi)

Smita said...

Imagine talking over blog comments! :) Will read some of urs - do drop by more often so that I can garner as many comments as ur blog - hee hee