Monday, February 05, 2007


Its 14°F outside. Lets rephrase it...its-10°C outside. Somehow in my metric addled mind, ten below zero feels much colder than whatever the Fahrenheit scale says. Ten below zero is a cold to reckon with, a cold to call home about and a cold that warrants a curl-in with a cup of hot chocolate. It’s certainly not the kind of weather in which one should even consider a 100 mile trek to the middle of nowhere (to look at traffic patterns)! Ah! Well, someone’s got to do the off I go.

In other news, S and R are finally married and well settled into their new apartment. The circle is now complete as all the ex-housemates are settled and cozy…in lives of their own….A and T in their apartment in Silver Spring, I in India and A somewhere in Portland.


Cacophoenix said...

It is true. For my metric mind, farenheit, gallons and meters don't bear any significance. I still try calculating them in terms of celsius, litres and inches and feet. I am not that good at math, so basically I spend half my day trying to figure out if it is cold, if the water is the exact amount and how many centimeters tall I am

Buchu said...

there's an easy calculating method to give u the approximate temp. subtract 30 from the fahrenheit temp and then divide by 2.

it's -18 here currently and with wind chill it's down to -25. all in centigrade.