Sunday, December 10, 2006

Of Genes and Raspberries

On Friday night over interesting discussions about genetics and many varied topics with our dinner guest, we tried this fabulous combination - chocolate icecream with Framboise. It was a Bonny Doon Framboise which our guest tells us is much better than the European versions -more fruit, less sweet. I had not tried any Framboise before so I will take his word for it. But this I can tell, the raspberry liquor elevated the whole digging into ordinary chocolate ice cream experience into an ooh-la-la-dessert one. The next time you have folks coming over for dinner, just scoop out some basic chocolate icecream (any generic brand will do) into icecream bowls and splash on Framboise generously for a table side, no fuss dessert.

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bulbul said...

Oh My God. Brought back memories of my brother's wedding dinner.. roast caribou with wild blueberry confit, Georgian Bay Slake, braised wild leeks...blackberry sorbet... what was most memeorable was the Rose de Gambrinus with a belgian chocolate wedding cake made by the chef's wife Nobuyo....under a canopy of maple trees, lanterns, friends, good music.. dancing under the stars in a beautiful farm in Collingwood. If ever in Ontario check it out you will love it