Thursday, December 21, 2006

Notes From a Commencement

~I am usually not very sympathetic to the cause of hapless parents with cranky kids on the best of days. So when a 6 year old decides to drown out the chief speaker at an event while his mommy wrings her hands(instead of stepping out with him), I have to admit to having a few murderous thoughts zip through my head.
~An antiquated ceremony with anachronistic clothes (Gentlemen of Verona anyone) can also be quite moving, specially when it marks the culmination of years of hard work. And landing up in an inebriated state at such an event is not comical...just plain sad.
~I find all national anthems very uplifting. I am yet to discover what it is about these songs that transcend national, geographical and a million other boundaries to create a soul stirring moment.

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Anonymous said...

is everything alright? just a wee bit worried about the long silence, and belated but heartfelt new year wishes.