Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What's The Thesis?

Who cares...its finally done with and the Boy is pleased as punch with himself. He is now a PhD...in Molecular and Cell Biology if you must know.


Bidi-K said...

congrats to the boy! can fully appreciate the pleased as punch part, so how did you celebrate?

Ginger said...

Greetings A!

I am creating a blog of my own and would like to incorporate the picture that you have on the left on your blog template in my background too. However, I would like to use my own pictures. Would you direct me as to how you created such a jpg? (what were the specifications that you took into consideration when creating it .. and any other details that you suggest I keep in mind when creating a similar one for myself). Thank you!


ps: Congratulations to the Boy (and you.. for going through the whole ordeal with him).
pss: I'v arrived at your site through our common friend in b'lore with whom I shared a hostel during my college years.

Joy Forever said...

Congrats to the boy! And to you too, for making those wonderful dishes and feeding him (I read your other blog too) so that he could concentrate on his thesis.


Dr. Boy Subhomoy...congratulations.

Anyesha said...

bidi-k: Thanks, after the deed was done we just went out with some close friends and got some dinner and cupcakes.We hope to have a bigger party later on.

ginger: I am sorry I cannot really help on that front as this came with the template. I used bits of two formats to create this. But I would think you could use Photoshop to do it.

joy forever: Thanks and he sure did appreciate the break in cooking turns....I am hoping.

greatbong: We should celebrate.

M (tread softly upon) said...

congrats to the boy and you too, for bearing with him through it all :)


Indeed we should. Time and place !