Monday, November 20, 2006

On Viewing Casino Royale

~In the first few scenes James Bond drives a very blah Ford. He gets a fancy car later on, but the Ford just left a bad taste in my mouth. And that fancy car could have been a paramedics van for all I care…the only useful thing to come out of it was a defibrillator. The paramedics van would have also been much cheaper to destroy. At least he used a Sony Vaio and not a lily white Mac for his computational needs.

~Daniel Craig is dishy all right, so for all those men who thought he looks common here’s some advice – leave the judgement to us ladies. And the bozo on NPR who told me he is the most believable secret agent ever because with his average looks he is least likely to turn heads as he walks down the street...dude! you might not, but I will certainly turn my head. Then again all those shots of him in short sleeved shirts with his bulging biceps all over town were tacky. James Bond wears immaculately tailored shirts and leaves the designer rags for the GQ models.

~The chase sequence through the bazaars of Madagascar, culminating inside an embassy would suit Chow Yun Fat better. Could we leave wire-fu to the people who know it best?

~If I want see my super hero spy falling in love (of the shall-tender-my-resignation-for –thee variety) I already have Jason Bourne. What next? James gets married and raises a family of six in the 'burbs and secretly stirs in a Zoloft into his martini (stirred, shaken, or whizzed in a bender....who cares? As the man himself says in the movie, he is past caring).

~Poker, even of the celebrity type leaves me cold. So when half the movie is centered around a table, you've lost me.

~Action sequences usually require the good guy and the bad guy to go a little further than stare into each other’s eyes. Biological oddities like blood oozing tear glands are freaky and do nothing for my adrenaline.

~James bleeds and sports a few bruises on his pretty face every now and then…so? That does not make him vulnerable…it just makes him look ugly in a few scenes. If I want a vulnerable little puppy, I will go watch Spiderman movies.

~I would have loved to catch another glimpse of M’s well appointed living room. Totally swish. Ditto for that gorgeous pearl necklace around Eva Green’s neck.

~Cheap tactics like the red dress can be spotted from a mile.

~The movie does come together in the end but I really missed the lets-save-the world- and-have-a-romp-while-at-it attitude of the previous movies. In the pursuit of political correctness, Casino Royale starts taking itself way too seriously. Oh well!! Superman has gone soft and Batman is conflicted…may be it was time for him to go that way too.


Reel Fanatic said...

I appreciated the lack of end-of-the-world stuff since this was supposed to be the origin of Bond .. for that, I think they made just the right choice in Mr. Craig

Anyesha said...

I totally agree that Daniel Craig makes a good Bond. Inspite of all my reservations about him, I found myself warming upto the new Bond as the movie progressed.