Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The New Indique

For quite sometime now, we have been going out during the week to avoid the long weekend waits and tonight we tried out the new Indique restaurant, Indique Heights in Chevy Chase. Unlike its parent restuarant, Indique Heights is tucked away in what looks like an office building and does not have the same from-the-pavement impact. What it loses by way of a facade it makes up with its rich interiors and the open kitchen. The seating is spacious and the service was prompt but then it was a weekday.

A cursory glance revealed that the menu offfered quite a few of the signature Indique dishes along with newer ones which suggested a Thai influence. For starters, I tried a mangotini, the Boy got his mango lassi and we shared a vegetarian kathi roll. The drinks were fine but we really liked the smoky flavor of the paneer in the kathi roll. The accompanying tomato sauce with hints of sesame (I think!) was worth polishing off by itself. Next, the Boy thought some and then some more and finally ordered the Chicken Chettinad as always while I decided to try the Lamb Roganjosh. The Chicken Chettinad arrived at the table, redolent with the fragrance of ground peppercorns...enough to send the smoke steaming out of my ears. My lamb preparation was simple but perfect with meltingly soft lamb pieces in a spiced tomato gravy. The trademark ramekin of dal makhani that usually accompanies all entree's was smooth and creamy.

The one thing that did annoy me a little was the rather small size of my dinner plate. Believe it or not my little mound of rice kept spilling over. And then there were the three young ladies at a nearby table with loud voices and the combined table manners of a pack of marauding rhino's...rather distracting. But then the size of the dinner plate is hardly worth quibbling over when the food is so good and I am also hoping that those women are not regular fixtures.

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