Friday, November 03, 2006

Its Not the Lord of The Rings

Yep, Steve Carrell got it right, the story of Diwali is nothing like our favourite hobbit brotherhood's romp through Tolkien fantasy land. But then, its not an Indian version of Halloween either. Last night's episode of The Office was so bang-on that I am desperately refreshing the YouTube page every minute hoping that someone, somewhere will put the whole episode online. I want to watch it again and for a change I will not comment on the garish Indian clothes or the presence of a Kali idol at a North Indian Diwali function. Atleast unlike the other NBC hit, they do not have a Sikh gentleman from Madras, India who goes by the name Chandra Suresh. Somehow this mysterious Sardarji with a deep understanding of genetics also managed to beget a son who looks like this and is called Mohinder Suresh. Anyone else find it mighty funny?

The Background:
Since we do not have cable TV we are usually safely insulated from the mindless crap that network television spews out. But even our good old set of rabbit ears picks up some amount of network TV and while flipping through the channels on some dull day, in the not so distant past we stopped by to watch our first episode of My Name Is Earl followed by our first helping of The Office. And we were hooked. For a change American comedy was not about a photogenic lot (Friends) or a not so pretty lot (Sienfeld) cribbing about their dismal love lives. It was also not about a Ray Romano like character complaining to his on-screen wife that he would like some too (in a monotone).


pravin said...

Search for alloallo on youtube. Its a british television series and absolutely hilarious.

Anyesha said...

pravin: I rememeber watching "Allo Allo" ages ago and yes, its holarious...but I still don't get the connection.