Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Growing Up

Good quality beans: $ 7
Filter: $ 1.20
Croissants for snacking: $ 3.00

The experience*: priceless

*A coffee maker was one of those appliances that the Boy and I could never really make up our minds about. Luckily our friends helped us and now thanks to them our kitchen has a bright and shiny coffee and espresso maker. Yesterday we shared a pot of the inaugural brew with almond croissants..delightful. I am not really sure if we will get around to brewing ourselves a cup every day, infact we will probably continue doing the one-spoon-of-Nescafe-in-one-cup-of-milk thingie every morning. But I do see ourselves enjoying a good cup of coffee over the weekends like matured folks.


Kavitha said...

Nothing quite like some good coffee, especially over the weekend, is there!

Singh said...

Hey Anyesha!
So thrilled that you guys are enjoying the coffee maker! :)
Tell you the truth the reason why we got it is because we could never get around to buying it ourselves, either - it's one of those things you feel can wait for some other time...I just hope it wasn't too much of a pain carrying it all the way back
Well if not everyday then the weekend-grownups-coffee is well worth it!
P.S. Lovely write-up about the trip!

Anyesha said...

Abhishek: Hey. its lovely, we had no problem. We just checked it in and told them to mark it fragile. They handled it rather well. Thanks a lot. On another note, Intelligentsia is a Chicago thing only.

gauri said...

Just wanted to share that I've had this coffee maker dilemma as well. Finally got a tiny (I mean really tiny!) espresso maker from Italy.. and for quite sometime now, I havent managed to down a cup of instant... Freshly brewed is really something else...And take a cab to uni if I'm late, but almost never miss the coffee!
If you do find it, try some sumatran or vietnamese coffee, its really one step closer to coffee paradise!

Anyesha said...

gauri: thanks for the tip..will go looking for some Vietnamese coffee.I have seen the Sumatran stuff in stores here. And that tiny espresso maker, we actually had coffee made in that contraption at a friends place...it really has some body.