Friday, November 17, 2006

The Great Chicken Vs. Turkey Debate...

...has been settled this year. The good proffesor has informed us that an organic turkey has been ordered from a neighbouring farm for the big meal. The foodies in the group, A, myself and the proffesor usually get talking about the food a few weeks before the big day, sides (as in side dishes) are split and the dessert decided upon. The big bird question is usually left to the host. For the past two years the hosts had settled for a big, roasted chicken as a 14 pounder was deemed too much work. Besides visions of a freezer filled with ziploc bags of frozen carved turkey seemed to horrific to contemplate. We are a group of five which includes one vegetarian and four carnivores can only eat so much chicken. And I have to admit I kind of hate turkey....specially the bland, fresh from the local grocery store variety which is served up at the office luncheon without fail every year. I also happen to think that as a bird a turkey does not have much personality..its big, ugly and dumb...okay, I have never made friends with a live turkey or for that matter a chicken that would allow me to make such sweeping generalisations but I stand by my reasons for putting a chicken on the table.

But as I said, its settled and a big gobbler it shall be. A few nights back, I woke up from a nightmare, where a very happy turkey with a stoned expression is delivered by the farmer. The turkey prances around the proffesor's living room and goes gobble-gobble ever so often. We look at each other, aghast at the fact that the farmer delivered a live creature and not a dead, cleaned one. Slowly we make friends with stupid thing (in my dream he even had a name..something like Eric) and then in a crazy twist of irony refuse to eat him. Don't worry, its not some freudian hoo-haa about the inner vegetarian in me...go back a few lines...see, I called it a nightmare.

I spoke to the proffessor and he assured me that everything was in control. He has done extensive research into the cooking methods to be employed and is quite confident at this stage. I believe him. After all two years back when he declared that he would bring a pumpkin (from his pumpkin patch) over to Chicago and make us a pie, we made mean jokes about the airlines charging him an extra fare for seating his happy, organic pumpkin....yes, we are like that, deal with it. We were thoroughly dissappointed when he came with a nicely packaged jar of pumpkin mush instead of a warty, orange globular mass and proceeded to turn into a lovely pie. So you see...our proffesor is quite the man. If he can tame an ugly pumpkin, he can certainly crisp a turkey. And yes, the farmer will not deliver an Eric or whatever his name was to the proffesor's door...or so we hope.

PS: And since I love talking about food here's the menu:
Vegetarian meat loaf
Green beans with balsamic vinegar reduction and sliced almonds
Roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic
Lingonberry sauce
Apple Pie with a crumble top


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