Monday, November 13, 2006

General Update Type Post

Mom and Dad, v 2.0 (Mom and Dad v2.0 sounds much cooler than in-laws) will be headed to the cooler climes of Moscow as soon as their term in Islamabad is over. Now Islamabad is a nice city (so we've heard) and they have a lovely place there (so we've heard) but unfortunately getting a visa to visit them was/is a royal pain. So even though we were mentally prepared for a North American/European city and Moscow came as a bit of retrospect its all fine. Atleast we can visit and are looking forward to it.

The weekend party at our place was great, thanks to Supratik. I loved the ease with which the whole thing came together. The cauliflower, bought in the morning from my favourite farmer at the Farmer's Market was turned into a lovely curry. The kala chana cooked the previous day had improved its flavours and so had the turnip and carrot dish. Supratik's egg curry added a nice non vegetarian element and his simple fruit custard provided the sweet ending. There is nothing better than a great meal (and a good Prosseco) shared with close friends on a warm day in the middle of November.

Babel is a horrible, nearly three hour long, headless, directionless beast. It has its moments but the end message gets terribly lost in the plethora of images, contrived situtations and itty-bitty details that the script writer conjures up. At its worst it comes across as an adult version of the popular Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events, played out on a global scale. And at its best (which is sometimes) it makes you feel for the characters. The side story of the Japanese girl was unneccessary as were the shots of Tokyo city. Gail Garcia Bernal was wasted in his little role as cousin Santiago and so was Cate Blanchett. In my opinion, Amores Perros by the same director was a much better movie in the same genre.

We stopped by The Corner Bakery at Maggiano's Little Italy in Friendship Heights this afternoon for lunch and loved it. The service was excellent. Even though its a cafe they bring out the food to your table. And since there was a slight delay between the salad and the pasta my colleague had ordered, our waiter made the kitchen send out an extra salad. Cute! almost makes you feel like leaving a largish tip. I had a panini sandwich which was perfect, not overtly cheesy or soggy. The caesar salad had the right amount of garlicky bite though the croutons could do with a bit more crunch. On the whole I think I will add it as an update to my restaurant page.

And here's a rant...what's up with the new Volkswagen ad about being able to plug your guitar (gratis with the car) into your new car and blasting away to glory? Dudes! how many people can really handle a guitar, let alone play one with rockstar like flourishes? Or are they discrimating against those of us who are tone deaf and bereft of any musical talent whatsoever? Stupid marketing gimmick, if ever there was one.

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no no take your time for the tag, no excuse required, just wondered if it had gone invisible via blogger mistakes. i really liked the v2.0 concept, its truly cool!