Monday, November 27, 2006

The Essential Thanksgiving Post

Wednesday: Early morning flight into Chicago, followed by an eight hour drive to Houghton, MI. Stopping by Bangkok Garden in Greenbay,WI for a mall Chinese lunch. Five hours later, dinner at the proffesor's - five spice chicken, rice, dal and the infamous blue drink. American Dreamz, dreams with a Z and subsequent Omerization.

Thursday: Last minute dash for missed items on the grocery list, cooking with friends. What's Cooking? Green beans, stuffing with five spice*, roasted potatoes, cranbery relish, Eric the turkey (graduation in more than one sense) and apple pie. Giving thanks and sharing with friends, friends of friends, the vegetarian twins and the free spirit. Cleaning up, getting KANK-ed and going to sleep at 4 AM. And yes, the walk that turned out to be a non-walk.

Friday: Brunch at Vickies - the freshest omlette ever and cheap too, Diane and Nancy, the swedish pancake and coffee by the carafe. The long, long drive through UP, taking in the vistas, looking for restrooms, the motion sickness and the fitting in. Wriggling toes in THE LAKE, picking pebbles by the lake, swinging by the lake, clambering up rocks by the lake. KBC-undeniably the best stout ever. Dinner at the Sprague's surrounded by a hundred years of history, the old Steinway, Mr. Pippin and shy Ms. Willow. Communal orkutting can be fun...especially when projected onto a white sheet.

Saturday: Late brunch and the journey back. Subs in Denmark with a deer hunter...well, almost. Chicago by night. Big Bowl and truffles for dinner. Post dinner entertainment: Antar Mahal by Ritu"porno".

Sunday: Italian espresso in the cute contraption, buffet lunch at the Clay Oven and some more leisurely conversations. The flight home with home appliances and dinnerware. 2002-2006, five annual meet ups with little one's in between...still marvelling about that.

* five spice was voted the spice of the season.
** many thanks to Singh, Sunayana and the proffesor. Parts of this piece were pilfered from their post Thanksgiving mails.


Joy Forever said...

What is five spice? Paanch foran?

Anyesha said... is a chinese spice. A standard recipe will have fennel, cloves, and cinnamon, along with star anise and Szechuan peppercorns.It is like a mildly sweet version of our garam masala.