Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ben Franklin Town

We spent Saturday in Philadelphia. We arrived early in the morning, met up with a friend and then drove into the historic downtown area. After DC, Philly seems kind of expensive. You see, here we are used to walking into most musuems on the Mall for free. So I am spoilt silly and refuse to shell out a few dollars here and some more there to walk by Ben Franklin's grave, watch a 9/11 multimedia presentation in a fancy building (the hostess assured us that it was done rather tastefully) and get up close to the Liberty Bell among other things. No thank you, I'd rather walk and walk we did. I clicked loads of pictures of the old buildings, pretty facades, men in costumes and the concrete landscape which kept creeping in and out. We also traipsed through a renovated Quaker meeting house and met a cheerful Quaker with whom we had a rather delightful conversation about the building and Quakers in general.

And just in case you forget which century you were in...

The city juts in once again....lest you forget.

I had a Philly cheese steak hoagie, just because when in Philly one does as the locals do and eats a hoagie. The verdict....a sub by any other name is still a sub or a sandwich, if you insist.

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Anonymous said...

There is an old fountain ice cream shop in philly, which is really good. went there a while back. Absolutely loved the feel of the place. I spent some time in the public library. Wow that place is gorgeous.