Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The View from Way Up There

One of the little perks of my job happens to be a joy ride on a twin engine Skymaster plane. Yesterday morning I was picked up at the College Park Airport by the folks who run the show. The show being surveying traffic from the air for Montgomery County. The wind speeds were low, visibility was good and the traffic on the Beltway was crawling. The rush hour traffic on the Beltway looks much less scary from air than when you are stuck in it or in comparison to the I-270 corridor traffic. I did click a few pictures of slowly moving traffic but the quality is not great. The Potomac on the other hand proved to be much better subject. This is the Potomac near Great Falls, you can see the wingtip in the upper left hand corner.

Here is the actual Falls and the visitor center parking lot.And this is that popular landmark which defines the "Rockcreek Roller Coaster" part of the Beltway...the Mormon Temple near the Georgia Avenue exit.


Joy Forever said...

Beautiful! What were you flying on?

M (tread softly upon) said...

tried forever to leave a comment yesterday but blogger would not let me :)
can't believe you get to do all these exciting things. So it was you up there hovering over me while I sat out the rush hour traffic on the beltway. :)