Monday, October 09, 2006

How Does She Do It?

I am trying to read The Mistress of Spices. Yes, trying and trying really hard and no, I have not developed dyslexia. Its just that everytime Tilo calls out to her spices in the book, I hear her. Tilo's prayers to the kalo jire become a naeka "aei kalo jire" delivered in her naeka Chokher Bali voice. Ewwww! I wish I had never read about the movie .


Humsika said...
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Anonymous said...

Some people have the amazing talent to blend totally into a character. Everytime ou read a book you are able to associate that person with the character and not forced to frown, scratch and get a glazed look wondering how in the world did the director associate the character with the actor/actress. Some of the nicer adpatations I hvae seen are Pride and prejudice, the version with colin firth and maybe to an extent keira knightley, The namesake. And for the life of me I cannot associate the mistress of spices with that female. And now Umraoo Jaan. God save the world!! I get a deep revulsion and disgust whenever I see her. It is not jealousy per se, but just the fact that there is nothing to her to warannty such adulation. excuse me while I barf!!!

Perspective Inc. said...

i so agree. she is sooo overrated!! aarrrgggh!!

Joy Forever said...

We human beings tend to remember audio-visual signals more than descriptions, and some actors bring some characters to life. That is why while reading Feluda I visualise Soumitra's face, or Santosh Dutta's mannerisms. Byomkesh reminds me of Rajit Kapur though that character was also played by the legendary Uttam Kumar.
In recent times, some of the characters in the Harry Potter movies have been cast so beautifully that while reading the books I can see them in front of my eyes.
As for Aishwarya, I do feel she's too nyaka. I haven't read or watched The Mistress of Spices, but if the heroine there nyaka too, then so be it! Maybe Aish fits there.