Monday, October 30, 2006

Brussels Sprouts

The Boy and I really like our brussels sprouts. They are available, frozen as well as fresh all year round but they are particularly good at this time of the year. I have to admit that they are somewhat of an accquired taste though. The Boy usually steams them, followed by a quick saute in garlic butter, with a dash of pepper and squeeze of lemon....Yum! For a change I prepared the sprouts last night and even the Boy agreed they were better than his version. And since I can't stop gloating about how good they were, here's the recipe:

1. Take a dozen smallish sprouts and make a fairly deep, cross shaped incision on the top. Put them in a bowl, add two cups of water and microwave for 6 minutes. Then plunge the sprouts into cold water to refresh.
2. In a skillet, add a gob* of butter, three minced garlic cloves and cook till fragrant. Throw in a fistful of nuts (cashew or almonds..its up to you) into the hot butter. Then add half a cup of good quality balsamic vinegar and let it boil for a few minutes. Add more vinegar if you enjoy a vinegary taste. I also added a dash of brown sugar and a dash of cayenne pepper.
3. Chuck the sprouts into the balsamic vinegar reduction (oooh!! look, fancy cooking term)and let it cook for about five minutes till the sprouts are fork tender. Don't let the sprouts turn to mush.
4. Remove the sprouts and nuts onto a platter. Thicken the sauce with corn starch (totally optional) and drizzle on top.

*gob may be interpreted as one tablespoon or two, depending on the cook's personal relationship with butter

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Bidi-K said...

definitely have to try this since i love brussel sprouts too. also you've been tagged.