Monday, October 02, 2006

Amader Pujo

Two years back the Boy wrote this about Pujo:

"Pujo maanei thengate thengate Germantown jawa,
Pujo maanei shokale uthe New Deal-e giye khawa.
Tar por keu bolbe Anjali'r aage uposh kora uchit,
Aar ami bolbo. . ."jaa khushi koro. .. do as you see fit
" *

Two years later nothing much has changed. Instead of Germantown we went to Gaithersburg.
Bugs came down from New York and we clicked our "Mashima-Mesho married for 20 years" snap in keeping with traditions established ages ago. Ishan we missed you and so did the mashis and pishis. We were also joined by our resident celebrity blogger and his wife this year**.
Second and third helpings of kichudi were had along with many illegal helpings of narkeler naadu. Old habits die hard. Old school mates were found and another celebrity blogger sighted. Then it was time for a rock show, which was quite a break from tradition. Much fun was had by all. Though Ritaja and I were a little disappointed by the lead singer's fixation with little people and old people...Hey! What about us?The star attraction of the evening was the mutton curry on the dinner menu. Folks actually walked out on Cactus, the moment dinner was announced.

Afterwards, we caught up with each other and talked about pujo's the relaxed atmosphere of our living room. We also managed to grab brunch at New Deal, next morning. And here's wishing everyone who stops by Subho Bijoya.

*this was the Boy's version of a very nice "Pujo Manei" poem which was doing rounds on the email circuit that year. Unfortunately the two of us cannot remember smelling shiuli or doing most of the other lovely things the poem mentions. But we do remember our Pilani pujo fondly. It was an event that we (the student community)helped organise along with faculty. We helped out with decorations, food, cultural events and the million and one errands that had to be run. It was our pujo and now every year we try to recreate that feeling with friends..even if it is for a day.

** The said resident blogger just mentioned that I had forgotten all about him. Many apologies.


Joy Forever said...

Nice pictures. Sigh! I miss narkeler nadu here. :(
And wish you Shubho Bijoya too!

M (tread softly upon) said...

Hey it was nice meeting you too. And I'm glad you put up pictures from the Pujo because I am being plain lazy. I thought the Thakur was beautiful.
Sorry to have missed you after the show (we were catching up with the band as they were old friends)and didn't see you on Sunday either. Sunday's show was pretty good too.
Shubho Bijoya to you and "the boy" and here's hoping we run into each other somewhere again :)

Anyesha said...

joy forever: chalo, atleast there is one thing I cannot crib about.

m: Yep, we were told you were catching up with the Cactus guys.We were being lazy on Sunday and besides we had used up all our food coupons on Saturday...hihihi! And we should surely try to run into each other some time!

Bidi-K said...

Shubho Bijoya!


Eki I dont find a mention here.

Anyesha said...

greatbong: Arre, that is so true...I just saw that you and Meeta are not there in the group photo....ish, bhul kore mistake hoye geche.

sd said...

Isssh "narkeler naadu"..."kichudi " :) Shubho Bijoya!

Indranil said...

Chobi gulo khub shundor.. mutton aar narkeler naadu :( amaaro chai :( Shubho Bijoya didi :)

Anyesha said...

indro: bolechilam to chole aashte...belated Subho Bijoya to you too.