Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You Know You Are Getting Old When

- the number of kids at a party starts increasing. At a recent event (which till a few months back used to be one fun dirty jokes, beer and canapes event) I counted two little critters crawling and walking around and if my memory serves me right someone mentioned something about another one being on its way out!
- half the women in the group discreetly sip water because its healthy for the baby! Okay its still not that bad yet.
- the party starts breaking up early. Again the culprit is either babies or work.
- when the only news that gets your school e-group energised is that of another new arrival. It used to be weddings, but of late the incoming news is totally dominated by babies.
- folks who lived in the city start moving to the 'burbs and serve burgers and potato salad instead of Trader Joe's munchies at their parties.
- mortgage and its many avatars start making sense to you.
- the drool list of must-have/would-love-to-have gadgets includes something that looks like this. Put another way, the price of your lawn mowing thingamajig rivals that of your grad school car.
- drinking coffee or its any other caffeineated cousins starts putting you to sleep instead.
- you make peace with your lower torso by promising never to coax it into your grad school jeans.

That's all my half shrivelled brain can come up with at this early hour. If you can think up some more then.....

PS: In other news, I am now the proud owner of a shiny camera phone with all the bluetooth capability etc. etc. My old phone broke and most stores did not have the same model so they gave me an upgrade.

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