Sunday, September 03, 2006

Yet Another DC Visit

Two weeks back we were in DC to check out the Henri Rousseau exhibit in the National Gallery of Art. Apparently the guy was severly self delusion regarding his artistic capabilities and created a bunch of bizzare paintings which lack any sense of scale, proportion or perspective and some 100 years later we have to stand in line to see them, which we somehow did without cracking up. However judging by the number of people at the exhibit and all the hoopla, I guess it would be terribly awful to call him self delusional.

To compensate for the bad art experience, I took pictures of the East Building. The National Gallery occupies what is perhaps the most beautiful of the Smithsonian buildings that line the Mall. The lavish scale coupled with ample natural light makes for an extraordinarily open space. This time around the various angles within the building caught my attention, specially the staircases going up and down like an Escher drawing.

Then there is the giant mobile which hangs in the atrium and sways ever so gently.
This is the view of the older West Building from the glass panelled interiors of the newer, more modern looking East Building.
On our way back, right outside the Archives Metro Station were these copper sulfate blue fountains. I don't know about you, but they are way too spooky for my taste.

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