Monday, September 04, 2006

Weekend Roundup

After cancelling our very,very desi plans to visit Niagara Falls during the weekend, we had reconciled ourselves to a relaxed stay-at-home-and-watch-a-movie kind of weekend. Well we did that and some more. For starters, we went white water rafting down the Shenandoah in West Virginia and for someone who defies all laws of buoyancy and lacks any useful skills in that department it was quite exhilarating to get through the entire experience without going overboard. God bless our guide for her excellent piece of advice. "Look into the boat when you feel like going over", she said. Apparently your body follows your nose, so if you look down your nose into the boat you will stay inside.

This was my first trip to West Virginia and I have to admit it felt like a different planet. The local flea market which we checked out before our rafting expedition had our eyes popping at the sight of stuff on sale. It was scary to see an AK-47 ($85 for the gun, complete with ammo for only $125) being sold from rickety tables at what is essentially a weekly country market. One elderly gentleman was also selling landmines, presumably you need that sort of thing to ward of nosy neighbours. As if guns and landmines were not enough for a day there was the smoking, which seemed to be some sort of statewide passion. We stopped by a 7-Eleven on the way back and everyone (apart from us) who went in came out smoking. I met more smokers during our four hours in the Wild and Wonderful State than in my four years in this country. Unfortunately there are no pictures of us battling the rapids as we did not take our camera along but here's continuing the highway theme with a view from the parking lot of the rafting place.

Coming back to the watch-a-movie part of the weekend, we tried to watch Carrington...did not work. If Farewell My Concubine was Chinese Sexuality 101, then this one is 1920's era British Sexuality 101. We did however watch The Illusionist which plays out like a grand operatic trick and has all the trappings of a good date movie. We also watched Khakee with friends and I have to admit it was pretty decent inspite of Aishwarya Rai.

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