Monday, September 11, 2006

Political Outing

With elections around the corner we are going through a severe press conference season right now. Just came back from one where the Big Political Person (BPP) himself showed up. The men in black were there (the only guys wearing shades on a cloudy, blustery day) as were the TV crews and throngs of earnest reporters. There were a few well dressed, important people with equally important titles.
Ten minutes after the scheduled arrival time, the Big Political Person's vehicle with darkened windows approached the venue slowly and then stopped short. It stood there for the next fifteen minutes as he got briefed about the event. The ominous looking vehicle then pulled up at the venue and to lot of smiling and camera clicking the Man himself alighted. He proceeded to charm the pants off everybody in sight and wonder of wonders, even his speech sounded more sincere and knowledgeable than that of the Engineer in Charge!

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