Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My City- Which One?

I am supposed to write about five things to do in my city...which brings up the profound question - Which one? Jamshedpur where I grew up and spend the first 17 years of my life or Pilani where I spent the next three and a half. What about Mumbai where I spend just six months? I believe even the wandering dervish gave it some thought before settling for Cambridge. I could not make up my mind. So here are five things to do/see in the five cities/towns that I have lived far.

The sudden reddening of skies late in the evenings as big pots of liquid slag tumble down the dump, the early morning rush hour of helmet clad men and women on two wheelers, the Jubilee Gardens and Lake lighted up for Founders Day, Dimna Lake, the drive down the National Highway to eat in one of the many motels along the way.

Walk through the desert, see the sun go down from the Gliding Club, watch a movie at The Dabba (if it still exists), cycle to the mustard fields beyond CEERI or just lie back and watch the night skies from the Insti terrace.

late night snack at the VT McDonald's, Juhu beach at night away from the lights of the bhel guys, watch the monsoons move in from the Sea from a highrise, ride an empty double decker bus, a meal at Govinda's in Juhu.

Coffee at Rao's, Puffer's Pond and the little dam across the rivulet that feeds into it, a slice of pizza at Antonio's or a homely meal at Thai corner, drive down Route 116, the campus, icecream at Smiarowski's Farm Stand.

Coffee and Quiche at the New Deal Cafe, the lake, the lake, the lake and The Lake.


wandering dervish said...

excellent, excellent! this is five times more than what i expected:-)
on other matters, here's remembering the pujo last year! many greetings for the festival season - kothao jachchho na DC-tei achho?

Anyesha said...

Amra ekhanei achi. We will be going to the kalibari and the another pujo tomorrow with friends. What about you?