Thursday, September 07, 2006

Meme Time for Me/Tag Time for You

This is in response to GreatBong's meme. For most folks picking out a silly picture might be simple, alas in my case I am spoiled for choice, thanks to the Boy. I spent hours wondering which picture to pick. Should I pick one from the dazed-after-a-hard-day's-work series or something from the I-get-suicidal-at the sight-of-water series? What about the look-I-am-dozing-in-front-of-the-telly series? Too much choice, not a good thing. Finally I decided to pick this one, because I am sporting my best "para-r mashima*" look. Right after the wedding (which explains the look) we had gone to visit the Boy's grand uncle who has become a monk and lives in a beautiful monastery in some distant Kolkatta suburb. The sign on the wall reads "The living quarters of monks are out of bounds for women" in Bengali.

So who is a threat to whom may I ask? But then we are talking about religious monks and pious Hindu ladies so we shall end any dirty thoughts right now…Out! Out! Out! However we are free to talk about hormonally ravaged Indian youth, so here goes. During our Pilani years we had a similar rule on campus but without the signs, mind you (the threat of being sent home for a semester was enough). The guys’ hostel was out of bound for us girls and vice versa. Well almost! But that's another story for another day. This rule was based on the simple assumption that any room with a bed was automatically a den of carnality and therefore needed to be off limits to the opposite sex. By the same token empty the class rooms, labs, rest rooms, libraries, corridors, temple grounds or even that dark wooded area behind the temple were deemed perfectly safe. So gentle reader, which places on campus do you think saw the most action?

And just in case you did not find the above funny enough, here is a video of yours truly with friends. It’s a 40 second, sound less clip…the lack of audio makes the last few seconds precious!

And yes, I need to pass this here it goes to Kumari and Joy Forever.

* neighbourhood aunt literally, used to describe any nosy lady in the neighbourhood.


RT said...

Thats a lovely saree for a neighborhood aunt. :-)

I agree with the part on "who is a threat to whom". Once I happened to enter a Jain temple with some male friends. And after one point in the temple, a board said in Hindi that ladies were not allowed beyond the point. I was a little hassled by the discrimination. But thanked the stars within a few seconds, when I caught a flash glimpse one old, obese, naked priest seated on the floor praying. :-)

Kumari said...

Why did I have a dreaded feeling the minute I saw the title? Hmm...will try to do justice :)

Agree with RT, that's a very very pretty saree. If we were in Pilani, I would've shamelessly asked you if I could borrow it for a day, to visit the temple, ofcourse :D

Joy Forever said...

Started scanning through my hard disk and CDs for the silliest picture of them all... it's not going to be an easy choice for me too. :p


That sign behind you is priceless.

Ayush said...

I just sympathize with Sunayana. She look so .... something ... as you ans amlan continue blisfully with your discussion :)

lushrains said...

Ah, your topic brings back fond memories of college. Yes it was forbidden for guys to enter ladies hostel (i don't know about vice versa, but I don't remember having seen ladies in our men's hostels). But the real, adventurous types (well I know some of them) got the kicks by doing the unthinkable - jumping over the LH compound wall at night, tip-toeing to the building, and touching the wall. The chicken-hearted would run back and get to the safety of the road outside the compound wall immediately, but the more adventurous, romantic ones will embrace the building's wall (if one could really embrace a wall) and even sing out a few love-filled lines (not loudly enough to wake up the watchman).

Hmm.. I wasn't one of them, not because I didn't want to. I never had the guts.