Friday, September 01, 2006

Letter to a Creepy Rotten Asinine Plagiarist

What kind of a person does this, this or this? Now if you were an author or even a wannabe author, this sort of behavior would be understandable. There are all kinds of motivations and temptations like fame, money and then there is every nerd's wet dream of world domination through intellectual superiority. And if you were to somehow fail [read: get caught red handed] then at the least you could claim to have given new meaning to an old English word.

But as far as I know you are just another nameless, faceless blogger at a distant terminal somewhere. So when you rip off someone's personal journal and pass off their experiences as your own it is mighty creepy and rotten. To top it all copying a stranger’s literary raves and rants verbatim makes you asinine to the boot. Honey! If you think your life is not worth writing about then stop right now and go get one. And when I say go, get a life I mean just that (no begging, borrowing or stealing allowed). If you have nothing new to share, no thoughts about anything in particular, then once again its time to stop and introspect. I am sure like the rest of us you believe you are one of a kind and would hate it if someone made you feel like a cheap assembly line Chinese import instead of the European, high end product that you believe yourself to be. So behave like that fancy-shmancy, high end import and pour out the drivel that is in your brain. Don’t go looking for other people’s drivel [read:we are very possesive about our drivel].

Unlike famous authors and would be authors who usually come with well heeled publishing houses and legions of lawyers in tow we cannot fight you in the courts but we can fret and fume and then go on to write a post about the whole do-do, hoping that it will shame you and put you out of business. Darling as we all know you are free to set up shop elsewhere, but we hope that next time around you would have completed Internalising 101 before opening up your bag of tricks. Please let's make this a little more interesting than a simple Google search, shall we?

Your Not So Friendly Neighbour in Blogdom


Sir Psycho said...

Completely agree with your post.
Blog Plagiarists are scum of the earth in ways that are hard to imagine. However, as you tagged to the Viswanathan controversy it refreshed my complete hatred for "chick-lit", it only goes to show the state of a reading demographic where any Ron, Chick or Sally can copy, paste and get paid half a milion for her book. Shameful, really.

Joy Forever said...

Have you seen this and this?
People have the guts to copy from such well read blogs, and they get away with it too! It was really nice of you to do a post on this disturbing trend.