Friday, September 15, 2006

Interesting Development

Yesterday for the first time, nestled among the reams of junk that we get in our mail were two brochures of a different kind. One was from a large scale home developer. It had a map with all the fancy homes that one could buy in Montgomery and Prince George's County...pretty, pretty. The other piece of mail was more modest, a little note which held out promises of home ownership (for a fraction of the cost of your rental, no less!), complete with a yipping-at-your-toes Lab pup and white fence thrown in for free...just kidding. When luxury condo ads share mail box space with a 99 cent egg carton sale ad, you know things are not all hunky dory. If this isn't a sign of the slow down in ebullient home ownership marked then what is?

PS: I have only heard condo ads on the radio where some high strung woman drools over the great locales and granite counter tops of the subject property and ends the drool session with urgent appeals to book quickly as only four of the 400 droolworthy condo's (with prices in the upper half millions) remain.


M (tread softly upon) said... you really have to rub it in? :(

Manchus said...

It always used to be like this. Mail box flooded with junk like these. All the more once you buy a condo/house, the number of junk mail you get exponentially increases. That is because the registration of home-ownership is a public record and all the mortgage companies, real-estate companies have access to it. So, talk about so much privacy in here!!!

wandering dervish said...

aar you have been tagged.

Anyesha said...

m: Ooops!

manchus: Actually we have never recieved these before now. So its interesting to know that this has been going on for sometime now.

wandering dervish: Oh no!! it means i will hav eto think about it now.